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From Guillaume Durand <gdur...@gillinfo.com>
Subject DeviceManager and driver bundle update
Date Thu, 13 Jul 2006 14:15:40 GMT
my question isn't felix specific since it has no DeviceManager 
implementation yet, but it may sometime.

When a driver bundle is updated the spec says the DeviceManager should 
wait some time to determine if the bundle is really updated or rather 
uninstalled (or stopped).
I suppose it is to determine wether to release the matches between the 
driver and its devices.
The implementations I tried so far (knopflerfish R3, and eclipse R4) 
seem to not implement this behaviour, since if there are 2 drivers 
declared for the same device category and I update the currently used 
one the other one is immediately attached to the devices even though it 
has a lower match value. It seems there's something wrong here as I 
would expect the higher matching one should always be used.

Do these implementations just forgot to implement this behaviour or did 
I misunderstand the spec?

Guillaume Durand
SIRLAN Technologies
Direct : 04 76 53 35 14
Standard : 04 76 53 35 10

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