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From "Richard S. Hall" <he...@ungoverned.org>
Subject Re: Problem trying installing Felix
Date Thu, 13 Jul 2006 08:16:33 GMT
Definitely, I agree. We need to pin down our build process to make it 
more stable, since we have been bitten by this type of thing more than once.

This also highlights the need for us to get an actual Felix release of 
some sort out the door with a simplified build process that bypasses 
this stuff.

Regarding the snapshot repository, I think that is for our OSGi Maven 
plugin...from my experience, the plugin needs to be in a repo otherwise 
you cannot initially build bundles that require it. There might be a way 
around this, such as requiring a manual install of the plugin into the 
local repository, but I am not sure.

It seems better if we could somehow order the repos so that Maven would 
search them in order, thus we could put the snapshot repository 
last...or something.

-> richard

Marcel Offermans wrote:
> Hello Ivo,
> I just talked to the maven developers (on the codehaus irc #maven 
> channel) and they quicky fixed the problem. There was an issue with a 
> specific plugin that they fixed. Please try building again. Try 
> building again!
> To all: we really need to review the way we build with maven. 
> Appearantly, because we include a snapshot repository in our build, we 
> automatically get a snapshot version of everything else too, which 
> basically means we're running on a very unstable version. This has 
> bitten us a couple of times now.
> Now, I'm not sure why we include this snapshot repository, but the 
> advice on the #maven channel was to see if we could remove that from 
> our pom.xml (the <pluginRepository> that points to a snapshot 
> repository). Did anybody add that one for a specific reason?
> Our other option would be to manually "pin down" each individual 
> plugin we use in the build. I got a hint on that, we should somehow 
> specify "build > plugins > plugin > version" for each plugin. This 
> seems a lot of work though, so I'd rather go for the default of not 
> going for snapshots at all.
> Greetings, Marcel

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