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From "Richard S. Hall" <he...@ungoverned.org>
Subject Re: [RESULT] Re: [VOTE] artifactId/repository/JAR file naming
Date Tue, 11 Jul 2006 14:30:09 GMT
A follow up on this topic.

I was going to sit down and start renaming some of my subprojects 
according to the new rules, but then I ran into some issues that I felt 
I needed to discuss.

First, I wanted to give people some warning that when I change the name 
of the shell-related JAR files then this will effectively break existing 
saved bundle profiles. What will actually happen is that all existing 
profiles will get a new set of shell-related bundles installed into 
them. This is only really problematic for the ShellTUI bundle, since it 
uses stdin. The solution is to uninstall the old shell bundles or to 
recreate your profiles. For the more adventurous, you could go into the 
profile directory and edit the bundle.location files of the 
shell-related bundles to match the new name, then you won't get duplicates.

Second, given the new naming scheme for artifactId, we do not really 
have an obvious way to generate the bundle symbolic name. For example, 
we will have this information:

    groupId = org.apache.felix
    artifactId = felix-shell

So, what should the bundle symbolic name for this bundle be?

    * ${groupId}.${artifactId} ==> org.apache.felix.felix-shell
    * ${artifactId} ==> felix-shell
    * f(${groupId},${artifactId}) ==> org.apache.felix.shell

Any suggestions?

I also see another minor downside with this approach in that I am not 
able to use variable substitution as much in my pom file, e.g., since 
the name of the artifactId was the same as the package I could use 
variable substitution in my export-package header.

-> richard

Enrique Rodriguez wrote:
> Richard S. Hall wrote:
>> Time to call this vote:
>>    * +1 votes - Marcel Offermans, Richard S. Hall, Stephane Frenot,
>>      Trustin Lee, Niclas Hedhman, Enrique Rodriguez, Manuel Santillan,
>>      Timothy Bennett, Alan D. Cabrera, and Alex Karasulu.
>>    * 0 votes - Stefano Lenzi.
>>    * -1 votes - None.
>> So, I guess we can all rename our own subprojects for the time being. 
>> Are there going to be any issues we need to consider before starting 
>> the rename process? For example, I would guess that we need to remove 
>> the existing artifacts from the snapshot repository, no? Is there any 
>> thing else?
> I think that's it.  People should do full re-builds at the root of 
> Felix.  As you noted, the deploy repo should be manually purged and 
> builds tested online.
> Enrique

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