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From Felix Cuadrado <fcuadr...@dit.upm.es>
Subject Re: Running Felix within Eclipse
Date Mon, 17 Jul 2006 10:46:15 GMT
On Friday 14 July 2006 14:43, Jeff McAffer wrote:
> I assume here that you are NOT using PDE in eclipse right?  That is, from
> the Eclipse perspective you are just developing Java code in Java
> projects.  It also seems that you are using maven to do the builds.  If
> this is correct, you should end up with a set of Maven created JARs
> wherever Maven put them.  From there all you should have to do is create a
> Java Launch Configuration and run.  Of course if you change the code in
> the workspace then you have to run Maven again and get new JARs generated.
> Not knowing Felix code at all but based on our Equinox experience I
> suspect the problem with Felix not picking up your new code is because
> Felix copies the JARs when you install the bundles.  I recall that Richard
> added the ability to intsall bundles by reference but don't know the
> details (I assume it works somewhat like the support in Equinox).  Perhaps
> you could use that for installing your bundles?  Note thta you may still
> have refresh problems when changing manifest information or anything else
> the Felix (or installed bundles) cache.
> BTW, in case people don't understand, this is exactly the sort of stuff
> that PDE is designed to take care of for you.  It does the classpath
> management, package visibility, building, cache management and framework
> launching.  Developers don't have to mess with classpaths, building, ...
> They just code and run.  It would be interesting to see how these
> facilities could be brought to bear on Felix.  For example, since there is
> no standard way of launching frameworks, PDE currently only launches
> Equinox.  Perhaps someone in the this community would be interested in
> contributing support for launching Felix?
> Jeff

My Master Thesis work was an Eclipse feature called eLuzien, which provides 
wizards, editors and launchers for developing OSGi bundles with Eclipse. The 
feature depends only on JDT, not PDE, as the work started last year in April, 
before we knew PDE was going to improve the support for developing bundles. 

eLuzien currently supports launching bundles in Equinox, Oscar2 and 
Knopflerfish2. Bundles can be added to the configuration either from jar 
files or from eLuzien projects (unfortunately not pde plug-in projects) and 
the launch configurations are generic with a parameter specifying the 
framework implementation to use (an extension point allows adding support for 
more frameworks). If someone wants to have a look you can go to:

As PDE now overlaps most of eLuzien's functionality and is not compatible with 
it there is no point at updating it, but I can have a look at PDE and see 
whether I can contribute to it support for launching Felix or other OSGi 
frameworks if there is interest in it. 


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