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From "Karl Pauls" <karlpa...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Again on the UPnP and Event Admin service
Date Wed, 21 Jun 2006 12:50:35 GMT
> One last question. I guess the same problems exists with framework'
> events. If there are many EAs, the subscribers will receive multiple
> messages.

It is true that in a scenario where more then one EventAdmin is
present each individual EventHandler will see the events #EA times.

> Have you already tackled this situation? Is it the framework that posts
> the events?
> otherwise if you are using an adaptor maybe it would be
> convenient to make it universal and available as separate bundle too.

No on both accounts. The situation is different here due to the
adoption of {Framework, Bundle, Service, Log} messages adoption being
specifically required by the spec (and to be done by the EventAdmin
too). In other words, notwithstanding future spec improvements, there
is no other option then either to don't install more then one
EventAdmin or live with duplicated events.

The same applies in regard to out-factoring those adaptors to separate
bundles. The spec requires them to be inside the EventAdmin. I
wouldn't mind introducing a property for our EventAdmin that can be
used to turn off adoption for any of the aforementioned events but the
question is whether it is likely that one ends-up in the situation
where there is more then one EventAdmin active at any given time in a
specific framework. I dare to say that this sounds like an unlikely
situation hence, I'd defer it until we get an actual complaint from
someone (preferable, together with a convincing use-case) or the spec
becomes more clear, respectively.

> francesco



Karl Pauls

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