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From "Karl Pauls" <karlpa...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Again on the UPnP and Event Admin service
Date Wed, 21 Jun 2006 12:07:44 GMT
> Hence the client will receive many copies of the message depending from
> the number of EA installed.
> The solution with direct dispatching overcomes this problem.
> Of course  you could to select just the first EA (switching to the
> others as soon as it is unisinstalled)   mmmm :)

I guess the correct way of dealing with this situation is to always
use the EventAdmin with the highest service ranking. In case this cant
be done (due to no ranking at all or two services ranked equal) just
take an arbitrary one and stick with it until it is unregistered (then
start over).

> Is not clear to me whether the Felix Bridge is thought as universal
> bridge (for all the EA implemenations), or every EA service will install
> its upnp bridge. What do you have in mind?

For me, the nice aspect about the separate bridge bundle is that it
really is up to the user (or the management agent or whatever) to make
that decision. The EventAdmin doesn't install the upnp bridge. It's
the user hence, we don't need to worry about that. In other words,
yes, I think it is bound to be a universal bridge.

> Should even this aspect clarified by the specification?

Definitely. The hole situation needs to be revisited if you ask me but
we arrived at that conclusion the last time already :-)

> francesco.

o.k., then I'm going to implement the changes sketched-out above
(i.e., post the event using the EventAdmin ranked highest) and the
previously discussed approach (to only register an UPnPEventListener
if needed). Objections anyone?



Karl Pauls

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