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From Francesco Furfari <francesco.furf...@isti.cnr.it>
Subject Re: Again on the UPnP and Event Admin service
Date Wed, 21 Jun 2006 23:48:16 GMT
Hi Karl,
but you are still registering  an UPnPEventListener with a NULL filter 
thus *all* UPnP devices will start to send upnpEventNotify messages to 
the Bridge .... the same drawbacks for the network
I was suggesting something like this pseudo code:
      case ServiceEvent.REGISTERED:  // listener for EventHandler
               new *EventAdminAdaptor*(event.getServiceReference());

public class *EventAdminAdaptor* implements UPnPEventListener {

    public EventAdminAdaptor (ServiceEvent RegisteredEventHandler)
          take the EventHandlerFilter;
          register an UPnPEventListener with the same Filter;
          register a framework listener for any change of the EventHandler;

   public void notifyUPnPEvent(final String deviceId, final String 
        final Dictionary events)
        send postEvent to the EA;
        or alternatively call eventHandle of  a saved m_reference to the 

   public void serviceChanged(final ServiceEvent event) // listener for 
EventHandler changes
       if service is modified , update the UPnPEventListener filter if 
       if service is unregisterd unregister the UPnPEventListener

} // end EventAdminAdaptor class

in this way we pull only the required events ...
You could also registering only an instance of UPnPEventListener but you 
should to update its filter every time a new EventHandler is registered 
or modified. It ease to compose the new filter concatenating them, 
lesser if there are filter modification. In any case you should always  
create a new UPnPeventListener if there are subscriber that want to 
receive events from all the devices ( they would register an handler 
with NULL filter).
A second approach is to use the same UPnPeventListener for all the 
handlers that use the same filter.
(in the class diagram I posted these alternatives are represented by the 
cardinality 0..n / 0..1)

Following up the previous discussion concerning postEvent or a direct 
call to  the eventHandle, consider that the UPnP spec already states 
that the uppnpEventNotify messages must be sent asynchronously so should 
be enough safe (uhu aha :-) ) to call directly the eventHandle ...


Karl Pauls wrote:
> Hi Francesco,
> I've committed the changes to trunk. Basically, the bridge now tracks
> available EventAdmins and EventHandlers and registers/unregisters an
> UPnPEventListener based on whether there is at least one of both
> present.
> regards,
> Karl

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