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From Daniel Fagerstrom <dani...@nada.kth.se>
Subject Re: Poll - updating HTTP to newer jetty
Date Tue, 06 Jun 2006 10:21:33 GMT
Rob Walker skrev:
>> I might be able to look at it sooner, in that case I post my findings 
>> immediately so that we avoid any double work.
> Cool - I was expecting to look at it in next few days, but have no 
> problem if you want to pitch in first.

I'm working on the implementation now. The architecture and the APIs of 
Jetty6 has changed considerably since Jetty4 so it took some time to 
figure out how to modify the current http.jetty implementation so that 
it works with Jetty6. I'll put the code in  Jira as soon as I have 
something working.

> My plan was to SVN copy the current http.jetty to a new http.jetty6 
> bundle initially, so that others use it and give feedback whilst keeping 
> the previous version intact for those wishing to stay on the stable 
> Jetty4 version. Also, this will track the mod deltas back to the 
> original too - so we won't lose any change information.

Have followed that.

> I'm also hoping to significantly clean-up the rather tricky way that we 
> need to wire into the standard Jetty stack,

That seem to be possible, Jetty6 seem to be a little bit more open for 
extension than Jetty4.

> and improve the way Jetty 
> logging is integrated with Felix logging.

I will probably wait with that.

>> I have no problem with the OSGi classloading model, quite the 
>> opposite. What I refered to is that it seem like at least the Oscar 
>> http service require that one resets the context classloader in some 
>> use cases where this isn't necessary for the Equinox http service. 
>> This complicates the use of it.
>  From what I recall, the Oscar http service doesn't require use of 
> context classloader itself - there are numerous cases of third party 
> JARs which do e.g. various XML / SAX parsers etc. I'm guessing if you 
> found a need for your application to set a context classloader it was as 
> a result of a 3rd party JAR which was required by one your services 
> rather than the HTTP service itself.

Might be, I'm not certain. I needed to change the context class loader 
while using the Oscar http service but not while using the Equinox one.


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