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From "John E. Conlon" <jcon...@verticon.com>
Subject Re: iPOJO and Configuration Admin Service
Date Fri, 09 Jun 2006 15:52:25 GMT
On Fri, 2006-06-09 at 05:40 -0400, Richard S. Hall wrote:
> Clement Escoffier wrote:
> > and thank you for the feedback.
> Definitely, thanks for taking the time to play with this. It is nice to 
> get feedback from outsiders, since they tend to find issues that we do 
> not, since we are too close to the work.
Thanks to Clement and you for doing the initial work. I agree with the
goals of the effort and anticipate it saving people (like me) from doing
a lot of error prone work. In other words - I consider it a privilege to
> Let us know if the latest changes resolve your remaining issues with 
> Config Admin support 
See below.
> and I will try to get the source into Felix' svn 
> repo ASAP.
> -> richard
> >
> >>
> >> <iPOJO>
> >> <component
> >> className="com.verticon.experiment.ipojo.configuration.ConfiguribleEventHandler"
> >> name="com.verticon.experiment.ipojo.configuration" architecture="true">
> >>   <Provides    interface="org.osgi.service.event.EventHandler">
> >>    <DynamicProperty         name="event.topics"
> >> field="topics"
> >> value="com/verticon/rfid/MOVEMENT"/>
> >> </Provides>
> >>   <ConfigurableProperty             field="topics" 
> >> name="event.topics" />
> >>     <callback              final="VALID" initial="INVALID" 
> >> method="starting"/>
> >>     <callback              final="INVALID" initial="VALID" 
> >> method="stopping"/>
> >> </component>
> >> </iPOJO>
> >>   
> > These metadata mean that only the field "topics" is configurable. Then 
> > all other field's name are rejected. Nevertheless, your field is a 
> > dynamic property too, so it should propagate your value to the service 
> > registration. The version that you used does not handle property's 
> > name but only property's field. I change this to support property name 
> > too (if no name, I use the property field). So with the new deployed 
> > version (always 2.6), your metadata should be correct.
Yes the name="event.topics" is now recognized as valid configuration
property and is passed. My iPOJO component is successfully updating its
dynamic property name="event.topics" through the ConfigurableProperty
name="event.topics" accessible through the field topics. Great work!
(This was an essential fix as one could never use a field with an
embedded period in a Java class and OSGi uses a lot of properties with
periods in their names.)
> >
> >> 1. The first issue (problem?) that I see is that the iPOJO container
> >> (org.apache.felix.ipojo.handlers.configuration.ConfigurationHandler)
> >> registers, unregisters, and registers a second time as a ManagedService
> >> with the framework. Note the ConfiguationAdmin
> >> (org.apache.configuration.impl) implementation uses a separate thread
> >> for callbacks to invoke the updated method on the service.   
> > It was a small bugs when the handler start and when the component 
> > state changes. So I correct it. I test it and it seems to work. 
> > (reinstall the 2.6 version, at the same location).
Yes it works - the service only registers once now.
> >>
> >> 2. The second issue I have seen is that the container
> >> (ConfigurationHandler) is rejecting all configuration properties.
> >> (Would have expected at least that the event.topics would be accepted
> >> and propagated as it is specified in the metadata.  Or did I setup the
> >> metadata wrong?)
> >>
> >> Don't think the container can be so picky with the configs. As specified
> >> in the OSGi Compendium Spec R4 p 70-432 All Configuration Properties
> >> should be accepted and propagated to the service registration by the
> >> ManagedService (in this case the iPOJO container). Here is a log output:
> >>   
> >
> > The new pushed values are propagated to the service registration if 
> > the provided services contains a dynamic property with the same field 
> > name than the configurable property.
> > My configuration handler does not do anything with all other 
> > configuration, 
Property propagation - I know that you have designed the container not
to pass any pushed Configuration Dictionary property that were not
specified in the metadata as both a DynamicProperty and a
ConfigurableProperty, but this closes off the iPOJO component from
runtime 'property decoration' by management agents using the
Configuration Plugin services.  In other words I as a iPOJO component
developer may not know what attributes my services may be given when I
create them, by management agents at runtime.

Have you given any thought to opening up the metadata spec (maybe with
includes and/or excludes elements) to allow properties to pass through
to the service registration. (See 104.4.3.)

> I changed the log level of the message form SEVERE to 
> > WARNING. It means that you push a non consistent configuration to the 
> > component (there is no configurable property with this name).
Yes, I now see the Warning messages for my other properties. 

thanks again,

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