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From Jeff McAffer <Jeff_McAf...@ca.ibm.com>
Subject Re: [Maven Plugin] Additional fixes...
Date Tue, 30 May 2006 01:44:59 GMT
This approach puts a heavy burden on bundle consumers.  Perhaps at 
development time people are manually managing bundles and have an 
opportunity to define a "felix" or "eclipse" directory.  Personally I do 
alot of this kind of bundle pushing and suspect it would be bothersome and 
error prone to have to manage the origin of bundles on an individual 

Beyond that, the approach is very problematic for products.  When you ship 
a product you want to put all the bundles (i.e., JARs) in one spot and 
have them installed.  Whether that is on a provisioning server (may or may 
not be Maven or OBR), a CD, a zip or directly on the user's machine. 
Having to sort them according to origin would be somewhat less than 

I understand that in your workflows and usecases you do not handle JARs 
directly.  In pretty much all of the usecases I have seen (Eclipse ones 
and plain OSGi ones) there reasons that people need or want to handle the 
JARs.  Again, whether it is in the final deployment, on the install media, 
on the provisioning server, ... at some point in the lifecycle of a bundle 
the JAR will come in contact with other bundle JARs from other sources -- 
naming collisions are therefore not just possible but likely.   Prefixing 
the JAR name with "felix" or "eclipse" or, ... would certainly help. 
Personally I would vote for the fully qualified domain name for the same 
reasons Java developers use FQDNs for package names.  It is simple and 
guaranteed best practice.  This is deceptively important.  The rest of the 
community (and not just the Apache community) is going to follow what you 
do here.  Having an approach that is simple ("use the same model you use 
for picking package names") is powerful. 

Since most people in your shoes will be using OBR, perhaps the OBR client 
can be enhanced to allow for shortcuts etc.  For example if you do a *src* 
search and get 4 numbered results, perhaps you can then say "install 3" to 
get the third result installed?  That way you don't have to type any of 
the URL *or* the jar name.  Everyone wins. 


"Richard S. Hall" <heavy@ungoverned.org> 
05/29/2006 04:39 AM
Please respond to


Re: [Maven Plugin] Additional fixes...

I agree that this is the issue, however, if you are caching Felix 
bundles, you could just as easily create a "felix" directory in your 
cache of bundles so that you know where they come from. Which is 
essentially what maven does in its repo for all of its cached JAR files...

I am afraid that this is one of those situations where there is not a 
single solution that solves every concern.

-> richard

Manuel Santillan wrote:
> It's cumbersome to deal with long names (as well as long URLs). However,
> having FQDN'd bundles may avoid some problems; e.g.,is this
> agent-1.0.0.jar mine or someone else's? URLs do not completely solve the
> problem, as some people (including myself) cache the bundles to avoid
> network problems, so that URL!=UID. That's why we follow the equinox's
> ${symbolic-name}-${version}.jar with FQDN sym-names approach.
> Just an opinion, though :-)
> Cheers,
> Manuel

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