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From Rob Walker <r...@ascert.com>
Subject Re: Poll - updating HTTP to newer jetty
Date Wed, 31 May 2006 15:07:23 GMT

> Have you started to work on this? I'm interested in working on 
> implementing a Jetty 6 HTTP service.
Haven't started yet but am hoping to get a chance to look in next week 
or two.
> As some background we are working on making Cocoon OSGi based. This 
> far we use the Equinox framework and bundles as we rely heavily on 
> declarative services, which hasn't been part of Felix until recently. 
> The HTTPservice in Equinox that we have used until now take a 
> fundamentalistic view on spec compliance and use servlet 2.1, while 
> this have worked well during prototyping it is more or less unusable 
> in a modern web framework. I have tried to switch to the current Felix 
> HTTP service to be able to use servlet 2.3 but have got all kinds of 
> classloading problems (unfortunately I'm not able to give any concise 
> bug report as I don't have any clue about what happens). I have also 
> tried the Oscar and Knopflerfish services who both works in my 
> setting, but doesn't implement e.g. contextpath in a meaningful way.
I think the problem here is going to be that to be a properly OSGi  
usable bundle, will probably mean several things:

1 - the base HTTP service we will make stick as close to OSGi compliance 
as possible, which as you've found is a fairly "minimalist" Http service 
in terms of more general web application facilities

2 - I've heard that extensions and enhancements are in the wings to 
improve what a standard OSGi HttpService offers - we'd look to implement 
these as soon as available, but until then any richer "web frameworks" 
will need to be by custom services and APIs. I believe a few others have 
looked at providing extensions to offer richer, more standard web-app 
capabilities on top of an OSGi service and was planning to send out a 
poll once the Jetty6 work is done for who had what, and what interest 
there was in standardizing an extended set of services

I need to look back over the servlet JAR level discussion thread - 
suffice to say, we'll try and balance spec compliance with the interest 
for support as recent a level of servlet spec as possible.
> Jetty 6 seem to be designed for embedding and doesn't seem to require 
> context classloader tricks.
True in terms of embedding, it does which I'm very glad to see and shall 
be even happier if it turns out simpler than the current model we use.

Classloading wise though, any integration will have to fit the standard 
OSGi classloading model, which hopefully won't require classloader 
tricks per se but still presents the potential for somewhat tricky 
classloading errors at least during initial application implementation. 
More recent versions of Felix have got a whole lot easier in terms of 
meaningful messages to help trace these though.


-- Rob

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