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From Enrique Rodriguez <enriqu...@gmail.com>
Subject [ANN] "Felix Commons" Initiative
Date Tue, 30 May 2006 11:53:02 GMT
Hi, Felix developers,

As OSGi developers, many of us are faced with the need to "bundlize" 
library jars; that is, to maintain 3rd party libraries re-packaged as 
OSGi bundles.  Maintaining these jars results in a duplication of effort 
and it doesn't address the fact that many of us would like to see 3rd 
party library projects directly produce OSGi bundles.  Therefore, we'd 
like to start an initiative at Felix to provide a "commons" for 
bundlized jars.

"Felix Commons" (for lack of a better name) would be a place were we can
work to demonstrate best practices and common conventions for the 
manifest headers required by OSGi.  In many cases, we will be able to 
use the Felix M2 Plugin to maintain thin M2 modules with nothing more 
than pom.xml's.  By incorporating feedback into the Felix M2 Plugin, we 
can codify these best practices and ensure that bundle manifests are 
produced consistently.

Of course, we encourage other projects to directly maintain OSGi bundle
jars, but, in the meantime, we can demonstrate how easy and non-invasive 
the maintenance of bundle manifest headers is.  As OSGi continues to 
gain adoption, our bundlized jars will serve as examples that other 
teams can review and learn from.

Initially, I'd like to seed this with jars I've found useful.  I am sure 
that many of the Commons libraries will be useful, as well as artifacts 
of larger projects such as Lucene, Xerces, Jasper, and Tomcat.  I hope 
you'll take a look at the bundlized jars you are currently maintaining 
and help us get this initiative underway at Apache Felix.


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