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From Rob Walker <r...@ascert.com>
Subject Re: Log Service Implementation
Date Tue, 09 May 2006 09:45:09 GMT

> Adding OSGi support is on my todo list. However, my current knowledge 
> of OSGi is only theoretical, so I'd need to experiment with an OSGi 
> container to test any logging service implementation SLF4J might offer.
> I know that is quite non-committal, but does it sound acceptable to 
> you? How urgent/important is OSGi logging service to you?
A long time back we did a quick and dirty LogService impl which I think 
is probably still in OBR.

The problem we had here was that the OSGi service is so minimal as to be 
almost useless in a real application context - except perhaps just as a 
bootstrapping layer for really basic startup/framework related logging. 
Haven't looked at SLF4J - we're still just a basic LOG4J user on what is 
probably quite an old version by now. Even with very very basic wiring, 
that turned out way better than the standard LogService though - all we 
really created was create:

- a way for bundles to register their own log hierarchies, which they 
could even then configure or have a default set of application-wide 
config settings applied
- provide a Listener registration approach to allow local bundles to 
register to receive LOG4J events (using pretty standard approach as I 
recall, although it's a long time ago)
- provide an XMLRPC method for clients to register and pull back 
"categories" of message they are interested in (categories being used in 
the standard LOG4J sense)

The point I'm sort of driving to here is that without some extra 
thougt/plumbing - I don't think you can really build a real app's loging 
on top of just the OSGi standard service alone. It doesn't offer enough 
features like config granularity of what gets logged, partitioning of 
bundles to either use common or separated logging configs/hierarchies, 
facilties for local and remote logging clients to pull log events (or 
have them pushed)

-- Rob

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