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From Enrique Rodriguez <enriqu...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: UserAdmin, ConfigAdmin, Preferences and back-end stores
Date Fri, 05 May 2006 12:51:05 GMT
Marcel Offermans wrote:
> I hope that within Felix we can create implementations of these services 
> that have pluggable back-ends. We might even be able to create some kind 
> of common persistence service that can be used by all of them.
> Would others be interested in this (using it and/or helping develop it)?

Oh, yeah, I am all for this.  In fact, this was a key point in the 
original Felix proposal:

"... to develop interfaces, APIs, and other common needs not fully 
specified by the OSGi R4 specification, such as store interfaces ..."

> I'm offering my help to get these implementations working. Enrique, I 
> know you have some R3 code in your ApacheDS sandbox, perhaps that would 
> be a nice starting point. Browsing through the archives I saw that 
> Michel also had a lightweight Preferences service.

Yes, we had talked with Michel about having store options for Prefs, 
namely JNDI-backed and file-based.  ApacheDS is admittedly overkill for 
most scenarios.

The R3 code in Directory is sitting in my sandbox.  Just got to get 
around to moving it over, updating to R4 and M2.

Regarding the use of JNDI as the store interface I don't recommend it, 
as it won't be a simple CRUD interface for file or other database 
stores.  In fact, in my work with JNDI, such as the R3 services at 
Directory, I still provide an additional "store" layer that encapsulates 
the JNDI code.  This is no different than the JDBC-DAO relationship.


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