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From Peter Kriens <Peter.Kri...@aQute.se>
Subject Re: [Maven Plugin] Additional fixes...
Date Fri, 26 May 2006 10:26:20 GMT
I think it is a very good idea to derive the bundle headers from
standard pom properties. This will make it easier for others to
include the OSGi headers.

I am not a committer, but if I was I did a +1

Kind regards,

     Peter Kriens
NH> Hi,

NH> I think it would be good if one was allowed to use ${pom.version} for version
NH> attribute in Export-Package. There are two issues as far as I can see;

NH>  1. -SNAPSHOT is not allowed at all.

NH>  2. Does the package version evolve at some other rate than the bundle? And
NH>     should one perhaps only use the first two digit groups for the package
NH>     version.

NH> I also think that 
NH>    * <bundleSymbolicName> should default to ${pom.artifactId}

NH>    * <bundleName> should default to ${pom.name}

NH>    * <bundleDescription> should default to ${pom.description}

NH>    * <bundleVendor> should default to ${pom.organization.name}

NH>    * <bundleVersion> should default to ${pom.version} (see above).

NH>    * bundleContactAddress should default to ${pom.organization.url}

NH>    * <bundleUrl> and/or <bundleUpdateLocation> should default to ${pom.url}

NH>    * <bundleCopyright should default to 
NH>      Copyright ${pom.inceptionYear}, ${pom.organization.name}

NH>    * A whole bunch of other properties to read from file(s) in the project
NH>      directory instead, including <exportPackage>, <excludeImport>
NH>      Or perhaps utlize the <properties> tag in the pom main section...

NH> If that is done, then one can move the whole <plugin> section of the POM to a
NH> (grand)*parent pom, which I think simplifies 'standard cases', still allowing
NH> for the current form.

NH> Willing to do the work, but before wasting my time, I would like to get some
NH> feedback.


NH> Cheers
NH> Niclas

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