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From "Rob Walker" <R...@ascert.com>
Subject RE: Mangen migration notes / questions
Date Wed, 19 Apr 2006 22:13:21 GMT
Thanks Martin
The ASF wikis use MoinMoin, which almost certainly uses different wiki
syntax from TWiki. (Do any two wikis in the world use the same syntax? ;)

There are people working on setting up Confluence as a documentation
mastering tool, which might be of interest going forward.

Will look into these options some more - Twiki to Wiki may not be too bad.

    * not knowing Maven, I think I can figure the build part for mangen
>       itself ok, but if we need/want to include the mangen tool then as
>       a part of the build process for bundles to create/adapt their
>       manifests, that may well need assistance/contribution from someone
>       with deeper knowledge of the Maven and the Felix build process.

As Richard mentioned, this can be done in two stages. Stage 2 will probably
require a new Maven Mojo. Depending on the requirements, I may be able to
help with that.

Agree with Richard and yourself on this one - will get stage 1 done, and then poll for help/ideas
on stage 2

-- Rob


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