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From Enrique Rodriguez <enriqu...@gmail.com>
Subject dependency-maven-plugin
Date Mon, 24 Apr 2006 03:27:19 GMT
Hi, Felix list,

I want to point your attention to a Maven plugin that you might find 
useful, the "dependency-maven-plugin":


... and if there's a better way to do this I'd love the feedback.  This, 
combined with some antrun code and the Felix Main, is what I pictured 
for the Felix Product Plugin, namely the ability to pull a bunch of 
bundles from M2 repos and combined them on startup with a Felix runtime, 
while maintaining the Felix directory structure (lib, bundle, bin, conf).

Currently, Apache Felix Main (org.apache.felix.main) uses the antrun 
plugin to mkdirs and copy into those dirs the necessary bundles for 
startup.  This works fine using relative paths since all the bundles for 
the framework are in the Felix project.  As more bundles appear in the 
various M2 repos, various projects will be able to pull them using this 
plugin.  We could use it, too, when we break Felix up into additional 
project levels.  Or even now if the path way is brittle.

I just started using this for Apache Directory.  One nice thing is that 
I was able to reuse org.apache.felix.main.Main without any changes, just 
a customized config.properties and my own Main POM.

Note that the assembly plugin is another option for uberjars or other 
distribution formats:



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