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From Timothy Bennett <timo...@exterminator-x.com>
Subject Re: "simple" bundle
Date Wed, 12 Apr 2006 02:52:58 GMT
Richard S. Hall wrote:

> As we move ever closer to our first public release of Felix, we need 
> to nail down more and more details.
> For Oscar, I included a "simple" bundle (source & binary) in the 
> framework release archive that demonstrated many of the concepts and 
> functionality of the OSGi framework. The "simple" bundle was largely a 
> "hello world" type example that demonstrated bundle activators, 
> embedded JAR files, native libraries (for Linux), and dynamic imports.
> I am not sure if people think this is useful or not. If so, then we 
> will need to move it over. If not, then we can forget about it.
> Note that the "simple" bundle is not intended to replace a tutorial, 
> it just provides people that download the framework a simple example 
> with which to experiment.
> It is worth keeping?
Richard, I've got all your "suite" of bundles converted to Maven-2 and 
(I think) using the maven osgi plugin... somewhere on my file system... 
might be a good starting point, perhaps?

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