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From "Richard S. Hall" <he...@ungoverned.org>
Subject Re: Dumb question
Date Fri, 07 Apr 2006 07:19:30 GMT
Stefano Lenzi wrote:
> Francesco Furfari wrote:
>> about the grouping we also have some example and I maintained the same
>> package structure we used in Domoware:
>> (bundle)  org.apache.felix.upnp.basedriver
>> (bundle)  org.apache.felix.upnp.extra
>> (tool)    org.apache.felix.upnp.tester
>> (example) org.apache.felix.upnp.sample.tv
>> (example) org.apache.felix.upnp.sample.clock
>> (example) org.apache.felix.upnp.sample.binaryLight
>> I wonder if the examples should be "bundled" with the bundles or not.
>> bundles->example vs examples->bundle
> 	I think that will be nice to have a group for each type of bundle that
> we have inside felix, so that all example can be inside a directory and
> the same for core/compendium bundle, and so on.

Do you mean the project directories are all inside one directory or that 
the resulting JAR files are inside a single directory? Personally, I 
find it annoying that all of the generated bundle JAR files are all in 
their separate target/ directories. Makes it a pain if you want to 
install some of them into the framework...especially with all of the 
long file names.

-> richard

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