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From Herko ter Horst <he...@terhorst.net>
Subject Re: Embedding Felix
Date Wed, 05 Apr 2006 12:38:57 GMT
> What alternatives should I consider? Maybe a seperate management
> service, but how to locate/access it in a standard J2SE enviroment? JMX?

This is the approach I'm sort of assuming in my OSGi Launcher project
(which I hope to release Real Soon Now(tm)).

The different context implementations in that project allow you to
launch an OSGi framework (any implementation, not just Felix) from
different contexts like a regular Java application, a WebStart app, a
servlet container, etc. The project also allows some limited interaction
through a special interface. However, the actual application (running on
the framework) is assumed to be under the control of a management
bundle. Adding/removing/updating bundles would be a task for that bundle.

Perhaps you can describe a bit more of your use case? For example, what
is the reason the part of your application that wants "to have
access to it to maybe install some bundles, access services, restart or
shut it down" needs to remain outside the OSGi framework?

> Best Regards,
> Bram de Kruijff



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