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From "Eelco Hillenius" <eelco.hillen...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: ESB vs. OSGi
Date Fri, 10 Mar 2006 19:07:04 GMT
I thought that reply was actually quite funny. C'mon, we're all grown
ups here, we should be able to deal with a witty remark like that now
and then :)


> On 3/10/06, Rob Walker <robw@ascert.com> wrote:
> >I'm sorry if you took it that way, but if you look at both my reply and Ersin Er's
response to it, I believe that he understood it in the intended spirit.
> >
> >
> I did - and I wasn't alone in reading it that way. Others have commented
> to me that they felt your reply was rude and unhelpful - I just beat
> them to the punch in saying so.
> >Each of my examples *did* have a connection.  In all cases, one is a general purpose
item that could be, but need not be, part of the construction of the other.  In the same manner,
an ESB is a concept for unified messaging systems.  OSGi is a system for building and managing
applications built out of pluggable (Java) packages.  I might well use OSGi in the development
of an ESB.  Or not.  An ESB can be made in many ways, and OSGi can be used as the foundation
of many applications.
> >
> >So that is how I would first look at the similarities and differences, but that might
not be the same sorts of categories being seen by Ersin.  There are many ways to categorize
things, and those will determine how we see them as similar or dissimilar.  In his reply to
me, he started to identify more specifically what he was getting at, e.g., both have some
ostensibly related concepts such as service registeration.  Once we identify such concepts,
we can consider how each might approach those conceptual areas in similar and different manners.
 That will be easier for OSGi, since it actually has a specification, whereas an ESB is really
a concept, without nearly as fixed a form.
> >
> >
> This is a much nicer and less barbed way of wording it in IMHO.
> By citing specific comparisons here, and not using a rhetorical question
> your tone comes across as imparting useful information - not merely
> wagging a knowing a finger at the person posing the question.
> -- Rob
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> robw@ascert.com
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> www.ascert.com

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