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From "Rick Litton" <Rick.Lit...@ktd-kyocera.com>
Subject RE: Support for external bundle push
Date Fri, 24 Feb 2006 16:33:00 GMT

Norbet Reilly wrote: 

My question is whether it is possible in a) OSGi and b) Felix to
implement a scheme where bundles could periodically be pushed to the
OSGi container (or polled for by it, based on a timestamp) and then
installed/resolved automatically. Given OSGi's history and design
goals it sounds to me like something which would be "in scope" but I
can't find any specific references supporting my hunch (or don't know
how best to look possibly).


Check out the documentation (or javadoc) on BundleContext.  Its
installBundle(location) method may work for you. What's also nice is
that the method returns a Bundle instance. Hope this helps!

-- rick

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