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From francesco furfari <francesco.furf...@isti.cnr.it>
Subject Re: [mentors] More mentors for Felix
Date Sat, 18 Feb 2006 16:50:28 GMT
Hi all, and welcome to the new mentors !!

Well, take a look at 
using the tracking number529 4491 112 you can see that the mail has been 
delivered to JAGIELSKI (Jim?)

Maybe the misunderstanding is due to the names usage.
Domoware is the name of a OS Project not a company.
Behind that name there is a team of 3 people:
Stefano Lenzi, Matteo Demuru and me (Francesco Furfari)
The project is hosted by the ISTI-CNR an Institute of the Italian 
National Research Institute, and the Domoware SW was developed using 
ISTI-CNR resources.

We waited a lot of time to receive the endorsment by the CNR Central 
Office, and at the end the ISTI Director, Prof. Piero Maestrini, has 
signed the Software Grant. The 13th 2006 January the secretary sent all 
the paperworks to the ASF and it were received the 16th.

So, I think you should look for something filed as ISTI-CNR,
ISTI stands for:
Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologie dell'Informazione "A.Faedo"
or something filed as Piero Maestrini.

Inside the envelope there are:
3 CLA signed by Stefano Lenzi, Matteo Demuru and me

1 software agreement signed by Prof. Piero Maestrini representing ISTI-CNR,
3 software agreement signed by Stefano Lenzi and Matteo Demuru and me as 

I hope this help you ,


Upayavira wrote:
> Stefano Lenzi wrote:
>>Richard S. Hall wrote:
>>>Upayavira wrote:
>>>>Richard S. Hall wrote:
>>>>>Great! Maybe with three mentors we can figure out why we have such
>>>>>difficulty getting our CLAs and grants on file!  ;-)
>>>>Well, usually because of the hassles of fax machines :-)
>>>>I'm happy to help with that. Can you list the ones that are outstanding?
>>>As far as I know, the list of outstanding contributors is:
>>>   * Rob Walker (Ascert) - CLA, ICLA
>>>   * Francesco Furfari (DomoWare) - CLA, ICLA
>>>   * Marcel Offermans (Luminus) - CLA, ICLA
>>>   * Humberto Cervantes - CLA, grant
>>>Humberto was recent, but the rest have been hanging out there for a
>>>while. Other people can correct me if I am wrong or fill in additional
>>>-> richard
>>    also me("Stefano Lenzi") and "Matteo Demuru" have sent the CLA for
>>DomoWare. Also as far as I know Francesco have sent all the
>>documentation by DHL no by Fax.
> I cannot see record of any of the three of you, nor a CCLA for DomoWare.
> When did you send them? Could you consider resending by fax/snail mail?
> I assume DHL is okay, that assumes though that Jim, the secretary is
> available to sign for it. Plain old snail-mail is probably simpler.
> Regards, Upayavira

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