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From "Richard S. Hall" <he...@ungoverned.org>
Subject Maven for Felix
Date Fri, 17 Feb 2006 09:36:11 GMT
I think we need to consider creating our Maven build process for Felix. 
I want to move the shell-related bundles out of the framework 
subproject, but this is dependent upon us having an overall build process.

The situation we have in the framework subproject right now is that 
three library JAR files (felix.jar, osgi.jar, moduleloader.jar) and 
three bundle JAR files (shell, shelltui, bundlerepository) are generated 
by the Ant build file. From our previous discussions, I believe our 
approach will be to combine the three library JAR files into one 
felix.jar file. The three bundles become their own subprojects.

Additionally, when you execute (i.e., "java -jar lib/felix.jar") the 
framework, it looks in lib/config.properties to get its configuration 
properties which include auto-start property that references the three 
shell-related bundles so that the framework starts up with an 
interactive shell. So this will have to be dealt with somehow too.

I currently have some uncommitted changes on the bundlerepository 
bundle, but I should commit them soon and then we will can go full force 
into creating the new build process. So, we need some people with good 
Maven know-how to get the ball rolling.

I had also thought that maybe we should set up a Felix "subproject 
template" subproject so that new subprojects can simply copy it into 
their directory...this might be helpful since we have a handful of 
outstanding contributions that will hopefully get their paperwork 
situations finalized soon.

Thoughts, suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

-> richard

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