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From "Richard S. Hall" <he...@ungoverned.org>
Subject Bundle cache modification
Date Tue, 07 Feb 2006 10:20:58 GMT

I wanted to warn people that I just committed a new version of the 
default bundle cache of Felix that changes how embedded JAR files are 

Previously, embedded JAR files were cached into the 
<profile-name>/<bundle>/<version>/embedded/ directory using only the 
name of the embedded JAR file (e.g., foo/bar.jar was saved as bar.jar in 
the embedded directory). The issue with this approach is that two 
embedded JAR files in the same bundle with the same name would overwrite 
each other, i.e., name clash. The committed changes use the entire path 
name for the extracted embedded JAR file to avoid name clashes. [Note: 
This was already being done for native libraries.]

The downside of this change is that it is not a backwards compatible 
change with existing bundle profiles. So, if you check out and use this 
version you may end up with some exceptions if you use it with an 
existing profile.

The solution is any of the following:

   1. Re-create the profile from scratch.
   2. Go into the bundle directory inside the profile directory in
      ~/.felix and move things around to match.
   3. Start the profile and do an 'update <id>' for any impacted bundle,
      which will cause their contents to be re-processed.

Choose the solution that is easiest for you. Sorry for the inconvenience.

-> richard

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