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From Peter Kriens <Peter.Kri...@aQute.se>
Subject Re: Any schema or specification documentation for OBR?
Date Mon, 23 Jan 2006 07:04:14 GMT
I have been spending time on setting up an OSGi repository that has a
new schema. I am currently working with some of the "preferred" bundle
suppliers to finalize the repo, after which I will need approval from
the OSGi board to publish all the info.

This should happen in the next few weeks.

Kind regards,

     Peter Kriens

TL> Hi all, it's a newbie again. :)

TL> I'm looking for the specification document for OBR, but I couldn't find it
TL> yet.  It seems like OSGi R4 specification doesn't provide any information
TL> about it. (I searched with the term 'bundle repository')

TL> Is there any documentation or XML schema with sufficient comments?
TL> Otherwise, do I have to take a look at the source code somewhere?

TL> Thanks in advance,
TL> Trustin
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