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From BJ Hargrave <hargr...@us.ibm.com>
Subject Re: Repository/package structure
Date Thu, 01 Dec 2005 19:42:35 GMT
Actually I think it should be


Note that test code is in a test folder. I think it is very good to have a 
clear seperation between the impl and its tests. Just having test in the 
package name is not enough.

BJ Hargrave
Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM
OSGi Fellow and CTO of the OSGi Alliance
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"Richard S. Hall" <heavy@ungoverned.org> 
2005-12-01 02:26 PM
Please respond to


Re: Repository/package structure

If I understand everything correctly, under the current proposal you 
would have this:


Note that the trunk/ directory contains sub-project directories named 
after the sub-projects package name. We do not have an org/ directory in 
the trunk/ directory.

-> richard

Francesco Furfari wrote:
> so in the repository we have
> trunk/org/apache/felix/upnp/src[org.apache.felix.upnp.basedriver]
> and
> trunk/org/apache/felix/upnp/test[org.apache.felix.upnp.basedriverTest]
> where [org.apache.felix.upnp.*] are the folders for packaging
> is it right?
> francesco
> Richard S. Hall ha scritto:
>> I am in agreement with Enrique on this one. I would not like to see 
>> the test cases for each sub-project be a sub-project in the trunk/ 
>> directory, because this will pollute the trunk/ directory by doubling 
>> its contents. I think each sub-project should put its test cases 
>> inside of its trunk/sub-project/ directory. The only tests that 
>> should potentially be in the trunk/ directory are those that span 
>> multiple sub-projects, I think.
>> -> richard
>> Enrique Rodriguez wrote:
>>> Richard S. Hall wrote:
>>>> Francesco Furfari wrote:
>>>>> It's ok for me, we have a similar structure.
>>>>> What for the test cases? do we put all inside the subprojects? 
>>>>> org.apache.felix.upnp.test?
>>>> This seems to make more sense to me, as opposed to 
>>>> org.apache.felix.test.upnp...but I can go either way.
>>> I was picturing implementation code and testcases in the same 
>>> subproject, but in separate source folders.  During packaging, the 
>>> testcases are not included in the resulting jar/bundle.
>>> Is this what the separate bundle for tests is for or is the test 
>>> subproject specifically for some sort of integration tests, ie tests 
>>> against the public API?  Where do per-class unit tests go?  I would 
>>> like some help understanding this practice.
>>> Enrique

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