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From Stefano Lenzi <kis...@interfree.it>
Subject Re: Domoware UPnP Base Driver
Date Tue, 20 Dec 2005 13:06:46 GMT
> When I write UPnPDevice.getDescriptions("en") (instead of getDevice().getDescriptions(null))
in some programs discovering Intel Media devices, it returns a null value whereas it returns
the expected description with ePerSpace UPnP Base Driver I am testing right now. Which Base
Driver is carefully implementing the spec ? ;-)
> André

Hi André,
	Even if Nektarios have right I have to say that the actual
implementation of DomoWare UPnP Base Driver do not get information
related to the localized description of the device. So right now if you
try  device.getDescriptions(s) you always get null if s!= null. That is
the behavior of all the *imported* device by the Base Driver.

Stefano "Kismet" Lenzi

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