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From "Richard S. Hall" <he...@ungoverned.org>
Subject Re: Installers for Felix needed
Date Fri, 02 Dec 2005 21:27:15 GMT
I don't think we can meet all of the requirements yet, but we are 
getting there.

As a way to start, it would be cool if someone who had the knowledge 
could create an RPM that would install Felix as a Linux service...or at 
least I think that would be really cool. :-)

Anyone know how to do this? Perhaps we should create a JIRA issue for 

-> richard

Peter Kriens wrote:
> I am planning to use my OSGi blog (http://www.osgi.org/blog)
> to develop/describe a home gateway from the ground up. I asked the
> different vendors of Frameworks for an easy to install version (OSGi
> for dummies). Richard indicated that he would love to do it ... if he
> had the time and experience. It would be sad if Felix was not part of
> the possible frameworks ...
> I need Service Platform as a simple Windows installer, and
> optionally installers for Linux and Mac. It is paramount that the installer is simple
> and easy. The Framework should automatically start when the computer
> is started. The Service Platform should have the following basic services:
>    Flash screen (Apache Rocks!)
>    Http Service (you can advertise on the 404 page)
>    Log Service
>    Event Admin
>    Configuration Admin
>    Declarative Services
>    Provisioning bundle
> The declarative services will be rather difficult, but maybe it is
> possible to use the Declarative Services from Eclipse? I really would
> like to have this included because it means I can make the examples
> simpler.
> The framework should be lean and mean. Over time I will add lots of
> services from the different vendors.
> Is there someone on this list that is willing to make such an
> installer for Linux and/or Windows for the greater good of Apache
> Felix? :-)
> Kind regards,
>    Peter Kriens

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