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From Alex Karasulu <aok...@bellsouth.net>
Subject Re: UPnP Base Driver donation - government
Date Wed, 19 Oct 2005 16:39:21 GMT
francesco furfari wrote:

>>  If you have any questions and/or concerns feel free to raise them.
> The first question is about the government of Felix project.
> How is it ruled the decision process?

At the highest level you have a PPMC which is a 
preliminary/perspective/precursor to a PMC once the project graduates 
incubation.  A PMC is a project management committee.  For more info on 
TLP (Top Level Project) governance you might want to take a look at this 
page here:


The rules of governance are pretty loose.  The PMC decides how that 

In practice for most projects at the ASF, the PMC is usually quiet. 
Meaning successful communities with good communication rarely need to go 
to the PMC to have it resolve problems.  Most decisions are made by 
those volunteers driving the project or subproject.  It's very organic 
this way.

Oh and usually every committer on an incubating project is also on the 
project PPMC.

> I mean we are a small group and it is quite simple to take any decision
> about the development. How it works in Felix?

You and other volunteers working on UPnP will be auto governing.  The 
doers govern by doing. 

> We'll be responsible for the UPnP module and we can decide for any
> related activity? for instance if we wanted add a bundle for recording
> the actions executed by the UPnP Generic Control Point as a script, we
> should discuss about the opportunity with the list? 

You are not mandated to get approval or anything like that but letting 
others know about where you're going might be a good idea.  Every 
developer uses their own discretion on what is important to announce if 
they want feedback or others to get involved.  The whole point to this 
is the community.  If you announce what you are doing and how you intend 
to do it, then existing committers can comment along with non-committers 
that may get involved as contributors to eventually become committers.  

> or we have the
> freedom to open a new activity\branch in the repository.

Sure of course.

> I understand that when we donate the sw to ASF it is not more our
> toy (sigh ;) ), 

:) I understand, its a big leap of faith. 

> I would like to understand how we have to relate to
> the rest of committers, where the autonomy begins and ends ... and the
> same for the cooperation.

It's really simple.  Work on your project.  Work as an open community 
within this community (not everyone here will be interested in UPnP).  
Others may however be interested and ask questions.  They many like to 
get involved.  Often people don't just get up and start mucking with 
code they don't have a clue about.  There is some form of etiquette.  
For example what do I know about your code?  Nothing!  I'm not going to 
get up and start committing to it.  I will come to you and tell you I'm 
excited and interested.  Please show me how I can help you.  Even though 
I am a committer I would still give you a patch or show you what I'm 
thinking to get your feedback. I will respect you, your knowledge.  
Having commit right does not entitle me to change the UPnP code when I 
feel like it. Most of us operate in this fashion, and if not you can 
veto a code commit.

Does this help?  I know I was all over the map in this email due to 
being rushed for time. Hope something made sense :-).


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