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From "Richard S. Hall" <he...@ungoverned.org>
Subject Re: UPnP Base Driver donation - government
Date Wed, 19 Oct 2005 13:10:20 GMT
francesco furfari wrote:

> The first question is about the government of Felix project.
> How is it ruled the decision process?

 From my understanding (thanks to Enrique), I guess officially while 
Felix is in incubation it is the Incubator Project Management Committee 
(PMC), but after graduation the Felix PMC will be responsible for making 

> I mean we are a small group and it is quite simple to take any decision
> about the development. How it works in Felix?
> We'll be responsible for the UPnP module and we can decide for any
> related activity? for instance if we wanted add a bundle for recording
> the actions executed by the UPnP Generic Control Point as a script, we
> should discuss about the opportunity with the list? or we have the
> freedom to open a new activity\branch in the repository.
> I understand that when we donate the sw to ASF it is not more our
> toy (sigh ;) ), I would like to understand how we have to relate to
> the rest of committers, where the autonomy begins and ends ... and the
> same for the cooperation.

Ultimately, it is the Felix PMC that will have the final say about what 
is or is not included in Felix. So, in this regard there has to be some 
trust from the community that the PMC is making decisions based on the 
best interest of the project and the community.

However, I don't really think it is this abstract. By and large, the 
mailing lists are used to gage enthusiam and community interest. Even in 
its short life Felix has already had several discussions and mailing 
list votes to decide issues. While only PMC member votes are binding, 
all votes are taken into account.

A project is successful because of its community, so the project must 
make the community happy otherwise they will go elsewhere.

As far as decision making in individual subprojects within Felix, I 
would imagine that you will see people that are more involved in one 
area and not another. As such, it is unlikely that subprojects will see 
outside pressure. However, participation is encouraged and if such 
participation leads to differences of opinion, then we hope that they 
will be resolved in an open way on the mailing lists.

-> richard

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