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From Didier Donsez <didier.don...@imag.fr>
Subject Re: R4 Event Admin
Date Mon, 03 Oct 2005 10:12:52 GMT
Noel J. Bergman a écrit :

>Didier Donsez wrote:
>>I am not familiar with the CORBA event service
>>but COS ES is (by nature) distributed and OSGi
>>collocated in the same JVM and COS ES event
>>could be everything (datatype any) since OSGi
>>events are instances of a specified class
>See www.iona.com/hyplan/vinoski/col9.pdf for information on the COS Event
I know this reference and in fact, I reference it in my eventadmin 
I recommend also this paper
Patrick Th. Eugster <../e/Eugster:Patrick_Th=.html>, Pascal Felber 
<../f/Felber:Pascal.html>, Rachid Guerraoui, Anne-Marie Kermarrec 
<../k/Kermarrec:Anne=Marie.html>: The many faces of publish/subscribe. 
ACM Comput. Surv. 35 
<../../../../db/journals/csur/csur35.html#EugsterFGK03>(2): 114-131 (2003)
(ACM DL account is required !)

>Service.  See also: http://www.cs.wustl.edu/~schmidt/events_tutorial.html
>The COS Event Service interfaces are very simple and very general.  In many
>ways, I wish that JMS had been modeled after them.  There is nothing that is
>inherently distributed about the model.  One of the first implementations of
>the specification was a tiny C++ version I did for embedded systems.  And
>the COS Event Service does a very nice job of integrating both pull and push
>models of interaction.
>>I sumarize the OSGi Event Admin in the three slides available on
>Désolé, mais moi ne parlez pas français.  Happily those three slides were in
>English.  :-)
Sorry, this course is for french students which are generally not fluent 
in english ! ;-(

>I don't believe that we need Yet Another event model.  Has the OSGi
>considered either a COS Event Service model or, since this is topic based,
>in-process JMS, such as Dave Walend's SomniFugi

OSGi R3 proposes also another (Producer-Consumer) M-to-N communication 
model :
the WireAdmin Service (chapter 16 in R3 and chapter 108 in R4 draft)
Humberto Cervantes and I have done an implementation of it
available here http://oscar-osgi.sourceforge.net/repo/wireadmin/

Funny,  because I am currently working on a EA <-> JMS messages bridge
In fact, org.osgi.service.event.Event are very similar to JMS 
and Subscribers to javax.jms.TopicSubscriber
and TopicPublisher to javax.jms.TopicPublisher
You can have a look on this short presentation


>	--- Noel

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