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From Martijn Dashorst <mart...@dashorst.dds.nl>
Subject Re: FW: Re[2]: [oscar] Re: [OT] Wicket + OSGi
Date Tue, 13 Sep 2005 22:23:06 GMT
Bennett, Timothy (JIS - Applications) wrote:

>If you wanted a WAR distro in OSGi, then you'd probaby need a custom Jetty service implementation
to expose Jetty API's for loading WAR distros, but that method defeated the goal of the exercise
that Niclas undertook, and that was to strictly use the OSGi HttpService interface.
I think it is best to use the HttpService interface, as two very 
different classloaders don't mix too well. Using an all out OSGi 
classloading strategy makes sure everything runs smoothly, or using only 
the classloader of the application server.

My experience with web container based classloading combined with OSGi 
classloading is that it is workable, but not perfect:
 - application server restarts will not restore saved sessions with 
serialized classes coming from OSGi bundles (will give class not found 
 - serialization of classes coming from OSGi bundles across a cluster 
will give similar problems. This will hinder scalability. I haven't 
tried this, but I expect it to be a problem.

The best part though is that it is possible to switch bundles at 
runtime, without bringing the application and the server down. I also 
like the fact that the contents of a bundle are really seperate from 
other bundles.

When you use an all out OSGi solution, you won't have the serialization 
problems, or at least the OSGi container should solve that problem for 
you. It helps to have only one captain on the bridge ;-)


>I'll mod the wiki to clear up this confusion.

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