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From Enrique Rodriguez <enriqu...@gmail.com>
Subject Status of maven plugins
Date Tue, 06 Sep 2005 14:48:49 GMT
Hi, Felix list,

I've had a couple problems pending with the Maven OSGi Plugin, so I'm 
considering whether to jump to M2 and the Felix M2 Plugin.

I patched the Maven OSGi Plugin once before (I'm listed as a 
contributor), but after emailing this week with the developer, he can no 
longer maintain it.  He is willing to hand it over to us, but I wanted 
to check with you guys to see if we're interested.  I hope Brett will 
chime in, but his opinion can be summarized as focusing on M2.

So, what I'm wondering is:

1)  Do we want to process the paperwork to pick up the Maven OSGi 
Plugin?  I don't think so, Brett says no ... anyone really care to bring 
it here?  Figured I'd ask.

2)  What features are currently supported by the Felix M2 Plugin?  What 
can I do to get some doco going?

Here's what I need that works in the Maven OSGi Plugin:

a)  Attributes based on POM:

b)  Bundling of jar deps controlled by "osgi.jar.bundle" property and 
their addition to the Bundle-Classpath, eg:


3)  Problems I'm stuck on with Maven OSGi Plugin:

a)  No support for custom manifest attribute required by Service Binder:
Metadata-Location: path/to/metadata.xml

If you try to add a custom attribute using standard maven jar means, it 
doesn't work.  For whatever reason, the maven-osgi-plugin goals are 
"blocking" it.

b)  Correct detection of the Activator when implementation of 
BundleActivator is sub-classed.  This is also Service Binder-related, 
since the implementation of BundleActivator is in the GenericActivator 
and you extend that.


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