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From Jeff McAffer <Jeff_McAf...@ca.ibm.com>
Subject Re: Oscar, please meet Eclipse
Date Mon, 08 Aug 2005 12:17:57 GMT

Ignore the missing application service.  In this mode we should not even 
be looking for it.  This is a bug but does not affect the framework. 
Notice that with -console the osgi> console still comes up etc.

As for your other problems, seems like something strange in your setup. 
This kind of stuff works fine for us.  Perhaps you could enter a bug 
report for us at 
in the Platform/Runtime component.  Some sample manifests would help 
understand the situation.


Marcel Offermans <marcel.offermans@luminis.nl> 
08/08/2005 05:47 AM
Please respond to


Re: Oscar, please meet Eclipse

First of all, thanks for the pointers Jeff! Unfortunately, I'm still 
problems just bootstrapping a framework and starting some bundles.

On Sunday 07 August 2005 16:17, Jeff McAffer wrote:

> If you want something automated then create a config.ini that lists B1 
> B2 as bundles to be installed and started.  Think of the Eclipse
> "configurations" as roughly equivalent to Oscar "profiles".  (Note that 
> have only read the Oscar doc but superficially they appear to be in the
> same space).  Set up something like

> Where config.ini is a properties file with the following
>     osgi.bundles=B1:start, B2:start
> Note there is way more power in this property, see the doc for details.

> Then when you start Eclipse OSGi using the command line above, B1 and B2
> are installed and started.

I created a "Main" class that:
 - sets up the system property osgi.bundles with 4 bootstrap bundles;
 - starts the EclipseStarter's main.

However, this fails.

For one, the framework insists on finding an application service (a 
ParameterizedRunnable) which obviously is not available. This means the 
framework won't start.

After providing an extra bundle with a dummy implementation of that 
service, I 
keep running into other problems. NPE's in various other classes (in 
LocationManager which cannot seem to find defaults and in AliasMapper 
cannot seem to find an osname). All this indicates to me that there is 
that I need to setup (and even having to specify a ParameterizedRunnable 
seems to indicate that I'm missing something since I can't imagine that's 
required service for the framework to start).

If all this is too off-topic for others on the list, please say so. I'm 
keeping the reply here for now in the hope that someone here can help me 
(or finds this interesting).

Greetings, Marcel

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