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From "Bennett, Timothy (JIS - Applications)" <TimothyBenn...@jis.nashville.org>
Subject RE: Mavenization
Date Mon, 29 Aug 2005 18:21:54 GMT
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> From: Jeff McAffer [mailto:Jeff_McAffer@ca.ibm.com] 
> Sent: Saturday, August 27, 2005 7:23 PM
> To: oscar-dev@incubator.apache.org
> Subject: RE: Mavenization
> While you are on a M2 kick, it would be interested to know 
> what it would mean to build Eclipse with M2.  From what I 
> have seen of the the M2 OSGi plugin, it looks like much of 
> what would normally go in the manifest.mf of a bundle is to 
> be put in a maven POM file and then the build generates the 
> manifest?

Yeah, that's the general idea.  We might allow the user to specify
either a manifest.mf resource file that will be used, or to utilize POM
configuration attributes that will be used.  I'm thinking there may be
groups of users that prefer one style over the other.

As the plugin evolves, there may be certain things we can do
automatically for the user in the bundle creation process and give
switch options to turn these things on/off.  Things like analysis of the
class tree for auto-population of the Import-Package and Export Package
manifest entries.  Stuff like that, based mainly off of JIRA-maintained
wish list from user feedback.

> So what would a M2 POM for say the 
> org.eclipse.osgi and org.eclipse.runtime bundles look like?  
> How are additional (non-standard) headers handled?  How are 
> the dependencies managed and compile-time classpaths 
> computed?  For example, the org.eclipse.pde.ui bundle 
> directly or indirectly requires about 40 bundles on its 
> compile-time classpath. 
> What is the M2 structure for this?  How are platform/JRE 
> dependencies handled?

All good questions and are can really only be vetted out by starting to
use the (very infantile) plugin in real-world scenarios and building the
functionality that it needs to help developers and application
assemblers build real-world OSGi-based applications.

> I guess what I am proposing is that you use the Eclipse 
> projects/bundles as a test case for what will come in Felix.  
> As there are more and more people interested in using and 
> building on top of Felix, the build infrastructure you put in 
> place has to scale (both in terms of build performance and 
> usability).  Presumably there will be some people who want to 
> use the Eclipse tooling for developing bundles (for Felix or 
> otherwise).  Their output should be buildable using your 
> structure.  If there are things that can be done in the 
> Eclipse tooling to make that easier, we'd be happy to look at that.

Sounds like a good approach.  I'm very interested in scalability issues.

> Summary: The Eclipse project structure is simple, mostly 
> regular and known.  It may be a fine subject for your M2 OSGi 
> experimentation.
> We could talk about this here or at pde-build-dev@eclipse.org.

I'm interested in participating in some experiments.  I've signed up on
th mailing list, and will post some responses there.  I do believe that
the Apache Felix community would be interested in keeping tabs on what
we might discuss and/or *discover* as experimentation occurs.  We'll
need to figure some way on feeding that back into the community here.
> Jeff

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