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From Brett Porter <brett.por...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Package naming (was Re: [VOTE] Please pick a name for this project)
Date Thu, 18 Aug 2005 01:29:59 GMT
On 8/18/05, Richard S. Hall <heavy@ungoverned.org> wrote:
> One can argue that all OSGi-related stuff should be under a top-level
> OSGi package. Someone else can argue that all project-related stuff
> should be under a top-level project package.

I'm in favour of #3. It's as close to a standard as we'll get
(directory and tomcat are the only exceptions I know of).

I think this might be where there is a difference in opinion on what
constitutes the project. Felix is probably the OSGi implementation and
any bundles or services produced, not just the implementation, right?

I think the point earlier about going looking for osgi.apache.org and
not finding it is a good one, as is your one about jsr277.

I think a felix package is "safe". It's probably the least of your
concerns if you have to go through a project rename at some point
(which hopefully should be unlikely given it has been cleared).


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