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From "Richard S. Hall" <he...@ungoverned.org>
Subject Re: Mavenization
Date Fri, 26 Aug 2005 15:06:35 GMT
Bennett, Timothy (JIS - Applications) wrote:

>For *trivial* tasks like compiling code and building jar artifacts,
>Maven2 is quite enough mature to proceed with current code base.  Maven2
>is still in the alpha-beta phase at this point (I believe) mainly
>because there is still a host of Maven1 plugins that still need
>converted to Maven2, and maybe some of the more sophisticated project
>management facilities are still being tweaked.

For me, this was more an issue of letting things settle down a little 
bit. Everything is so fluid right now that it seems like we'd be chasing 
our tails.

>The current Felix code base has a *very* simple Ant build file, and
>replicating this functionality using the current Maven2 is no big deal.

Of course, I trivialized the Ant build file when I put it in the repo. 
Oscar has a less trivial, but ugly build file.

I am not adamantly against using an isomorphic "simple" Maven build file 
right now. I just don't really want to try to decide the entire project 
Maven build file right now.

I am more than willing to check out a new simple build file if you send 
it to me and tell me what I have to do to use it...keeping in mind that 
I have never used Maven before. :-)

>The Ant build file currently compiles all the code as one unit, then
>jars up three libs (moduleloader.jar, osgi.jar, and felix.jar) and three
>bundles (bundlerepository.jar, shell.jar, and shellui.jar).  The
>questions I have is do we think these sets of artifacts still make
>sense, or do we want to consider organizing the same code into different
>artifacts.  That is, do we consider pulling out the interfaces into one
>or more api jars that we can version separately from the implementations
>of those interfaces?

This current structure wasn't an attempt at a "real" structure, just 
getting the stuff into the repo and making it buildable.

With the latest discussions of the repo reorg, I would fully expect the 
bundles to eventually move into the bundle area.

>As a quick *mavenization* test, I attempted to use maven to separately
>build the three lib artifacts, but it is clear that re-organization is
>likely because there are circular dependencies with the three current
>libs -- that is code in osgi.jar depends on code in felix.jar, and code
>in felix.jar depends on code in osgi.jar.  If we want to decouple
>aspects of the *core* framework code in order to separate concerns, then
>we are going to have to tackle how we want to organize the code base
>from an artifact build and dependency perspective.  The fact that we
>have circular dependencies between at least two of the lib jars is
>indication enough to me that we at least have a little work to do in
>code/project organization realm.  The extent of that work depends on how
>far down the SoC path we feel is important.

You have to expect dependencies from felix.jar to osgi.jar. The reverse 
dependencies are a little more tricky and ugly. The ugly part is that I 
just grabbed the R4 sources from Eclipse since they are under EPL so 
that we would have them to compile against until the official R4 release 
comes out which will also be under EPL; Eclipse has dependencies back 
into their framework, so I just hacked them to get them to compile with 
Felix. The tricky part is that we will probably want these circular 
dependencies too, because this is done for optimization purposes.

>In the end, mavenization can't proceed until these questions are
>resolved, not because the maven2 code base is sitting at an alpha/beta
>state instead of a final state.

To me it is more of an issue of do we need the "perfect" project 
structure NOW to proceed or can we move forward with the project 
structure slowly. Clearly, everyone agrees that the current structure is 
inadequate for the long run. I am concerned with the short run. Heck, 
the ink is barely dry on the name change. :-)

>Flame away...

Awww, it wasn't that bad, was it?  ;-)

-> richard

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