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From Alex Karasulu <aok...@bellsouth.net>
Subject Re: JIRA Components
Date Tue, 23 Aug 2005 15:25:50 GMT
Enrique Rodriguez wrote:

> Bennett, Timothy (JIS - Applications) wrote:
>> Can we create components within JIRA Felix?
> The problem with the JIRA "components" is that you can't rev 
> components separately using the JIRA version/roadmap features.  All 
> components have to rev together.  By "rev" I mean if you create a 0.1 
> release and tie issues to it, all components are part of that 0.1 
> release.
Good points you make here Enrique.  Let's create separate Felix projects 
and prefix them with FELIX so that we can version different deliverables 
separately.  I really like using the road map features so when it comes 
to components verses projects in a category I'm a +1 for separate JIRA 

>> Now that we have at least two products in SVN (framework + 
>> maven-osgi-plugin), I think we might need to start thinking about 
>> organizing JIRA issues according to products.
> Right now we have the FELIX project in JIRA.  We would need new 
> projects for the maven-osgi-plugin and the eclipse plugin.  No big 
> deal; I'd just like to point this out since it recently bit me.  We 
> have a "Felix" category to help group Felix project related 
> subprojects like these together. 

Perhaps we keep the FELIX project for general issues.  We should create 
separate projects under the Felix category for the maven plugin, eclipse 
plugin and the core container.  All separately releaseable bundles can 
be projects as well within the FELIX category.


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