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From Sylvain Wallez <sylv...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Package naming (was Re: [VOTE] Please pick a name for this project)
Date Wed, 17 Aug 2005 22:04:37 GMT
Richard S. Hall wrote:

> I am not against renaming the packages, but it would be nice if we 
> could make this decision once and stick to it. We already discussed 
> this and agreed on the current package naming scheme. I waited to 
> commit source so we could start fresh...so much for that. :-)
> We have two options that are only slightly different.
> Option #1:
>    org.apache.osgi.framework
>    org.apache.osgi.bundle
>    org.apache.osgi.service
>    ...
> Option #2:
>    org.apache.felix
>    org.apache.osgi.bundle
>    org.apache.osgi.service

And Option #3:


This is the standard policy throughout the ASF with very few exceptions, 
the biggest one being AFAICS... ahem... the Directory project which uses 
a lot of org.apache.* packages: asn1, ldap, authx, naming, etc.

If we want to avoid name clashes in applications using several Apache 
products and considering how fast the ASF is growing, projects should 
put all their classes in the org.apache.{project-name} package.

Also, what is the real value of "osgi" in #2? We expect that a lot of 
ASF projects will be using OSGi and will write a lot of bundles. These 
bundles will use the root package of their respective project and not 
org.apache.osgi. E.g. Cocoon bundles will be in org.apache.cocoon.

Similarily, the Felix project will host standard and general-purpose 
services such as console, admin and monitoring tools, etc, which for the 
same reason have to be in org.apache.felix.*

Package names should not be about the technology the classes they 
contain rely on, nor the specification they implement, but about the 
project and community that writes these classes and cares about them. 
Using another policy is IMO an open door to name clashes and doesn't 
follow the ASF principle that community is more important than the code.

And if doing the renaming is an issue now that the code is in SVN, I 
volunteer for doing the change ;-)


Sylvain Wallez                        Anyware Technologies
http://people.apache.org/~sylvain     http://www.anyware-tech.com
Apache Software Foundation Member     Research & Technology Director

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