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From "Richard S. Hall" <he...@ungoverned.org>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Name change
Date Mon, 08 Aug 2005 03:33:26 GMT

-> richard

Alex Karasulu wrote:

> Hello all,
> For several reasons to follow I think we should change the name of 
> this project/podling to something other than Oscar.  Right now I have 
> no recommendations for a name and this is not as important as agreeing 
> to change the name.  Whatever the present day Oscar incubator podling 
> is renamed to is fine by me as long as the name used is not Oscar and 
> does not impose any trademark infringement issues.  This vote is to 
> confirm that we are all in agreement with this position.   My reasons 
> for the name change are:
> 1. The name Oscar misrepresents our goal of building a unified OSGi 
> effort here where other communities involved with OSGi, such as 
> Knopplerfish and the Eclipse Runtime Project, are welcome to 
> participate.  The initial code base is coming from Oscar but this 
> might change if other communities decide to donate code as well.  We 
> would like to pick a neutral name for the project so those communities 
> understand our intentions.  They should be free to donate code without 
> a bias towards Oscar.
> 2. Some have misinterpreted the new Oscar podling as a move of Oscar 
> 1.0 from ObjectWeb to Apache.  This is not the case and officers from 
> both ObjectWeb and Apache have been contacted on this matter.  
> ObjectWeb unofficially has approved the use of the name Oscar for the 
> Oscar 2.0 code being donated to the ASF.  Regardless there is no 
> reason why there should be any confusion at all.  It is in our and 
> ObjectWeb's best interest to change the name to something else.
> 3. Oscar is pretty well known as a OSGi container however it is not 
> that easy for a novice to read the name and understand what the 
> software is generally about.  A descriptive name may lead to better 
> search engine lookups and give users a more intuitive name to follow 
> up on.
> NOTE: Binding votes are those votes coming from PPMC members and from 
> Incubator PMC members.  If there is any question at all here's a list 
> of the PPMC membership: akarasulu, bloritsch, cziegeler, erodriguez, 
> noel, sylvain, trustin, tbennet, rickhall.
> [X] +1 Change the name to something else.
> [  ]   0 Does not matter to me either way.
> [  ]  -1 Do not change the name.
> I have already cast my +1.
> Thanks,
> Alex

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