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From Alex Karasulu <aok...@bellsouth.net>
Subject Re: Oscar, please meet Eclipse
Date Wed, 03 Aug 2005 20:56:21 GMT
Mike Milinkovich wrote:

>>If Eclipse would be willing to contribute to the 
>>development of a unified OSGi platform within the ASF, that 
>>could be one immediately viable approach.
>Can you provide some more details regarding the creation of a unified OSGi
>platform? What other projects (Knoplerfish?) are participating here? AFAIK,
>there has been no attempt to interact with or invite Eclipse participation.
True we have not had the time.   However we welcome the people at the 
Eclipse Foundation to get involved in both the code and the community 
that is revolving around this project.

>As I am sure you're aware, Eclipse's OSGi project already has a sizeable
>product quality code base, community, and user group. Would it not make just
>as much sense to bring your contributions to Eclipse as the other way
>around? Or alternatively re-use the work that has already been done at
We have used both eclipse runtime and oscar.  Our preference was Oscar; 
we felt it had a richer set of features. 

>Apache and Eclipse (and ObjectWeb for that matter) have a pretty good track
>record at co-operating at many different levels. Why it would serve the
>interests of Apache, Eclipse, ObjectWeb, OSGi or the greater open source
>community to have directly competing projects is beyond me. 
There is nothing wrong with two implementations or two communities IMO.  
The communities or products need not "compete" but can work together to 
give the users options.  Thanks to the specification we can 
transparently switch from container to container without worries. 

>What are the
>inhibitors to Apache using or referencing the Eclipse implementation and its
>related tooling (which itself is a significant piece of work)?
No reason that I know of.   However I have yet to look closely at the 
Eclipse Software License.  Regardless we are not going to stop this 
effort because we can use Eclipse.  Too many projects at the ASF will 
become dependent on OSGi and possibly container'isms to have to rely on 
an external community or an external code base.  And yes many server 
projects here at the ASF are considering OSGi now.

Perhaps we can talk more about how Eclipse can join in this effort.  Do 
you have something in mind? 


>Mike Milinkovich
>Executive Director,
>Eclipse Foundation, Inc.
>Office: 613-224-9461 x228
>Cell: 613-220-3223
>blog: http://milinkovich.blogspot.com/

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