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From Marcel Offermans <marcel.offerm...@luminis.nl>
Subject Re: Wicket and Oscar
Date Tue, 16 Aug 2005 09:09:38 GMT
On Tuesday 16 August 2005 10:33, Martijn Dashorst wrote:

> The application server takes that out of the hands of Wicket. Wicket
> doesn't have a say in whether or not things will be serialized, and
> deserialized. The server takes care of that responsibility.

Ok, so the application server is responsible for this, only it has no way of 
knowing how to deserialize these objects.

> Currently the only solution I can see is to put a proxy in between,
> which tries to resolve the objects using the Oscar classloaders.

You need to be able to take control of the deserialization process somehow. 
Perhaps creating a base class that implements writeReplace() and 
readResolve() would work. If so, that could be the location where you could 
implement Richard's idea below:

> > Is it possible to somehow make serialization/deserialization a process
> > control through a bundle/service, so that everything occurs inside of
> > Oscar as opposed to the mix and match approach currently being used?

The deserialization code could check the framework for a (factory) service 
that can create the required object.

Greetings, Marcel

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