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From Eric <eric.swind...@att.net>
Subject Re: What about Felix for the name?
Date Tue, 09 Aug 2005 20:09:22 GMT
> AFAIU, for trademarks of common names (opposed to fabricated words,
> logotypes, sounds and others) I think there is a requirement of being
> restricted to a particular market segment. Hence, Felix in food products
> have no case about a Felix car or Felix softwares. BUT, IANAL, and been
> wrong before.

By international class code.  The one in question that might be problematic is 
IC 009, and possibly 042 ( there could be others, depending on the mark ).  I 
don't really want to mention this, but to assist in closure, doesn't the ASF 
have legal counsel which could review this?


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