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From Alex Karasulu <aok...@bellsouth.net>
Subject [proposal] Re: svn commit: r225346 - /incubator/oscar/trunk/proposal.txt
Date Tue, 26 Jul 2005 16:55:58 GMT
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akarasulu@apache.org wrote:

>Author: akarasulu
>Date: Tue Jul 26 09:50:17 2005
>New Revision: 225346
>URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewcvs?rev=225346&view=rev
>adding proposal master copy
>    incubator/oscar/trunk/proposal.txt
>Added: incubator/oscar/trunk/proposal.txt
>URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewcvs/incubator/oscar/trunk/proposal.txt?rev=225346&view=auto
>--- incubator/oscar/trunk/proposal.txt (added)
>+++ incubator/oscar/trunk/proposal.txt Tue Jul 26 09:50:17 2005
>@@ -0,0 +1,147 @@
>+Project Oscar
>+Unlike .NET, which requires that applications are packaged as assemblies
>+with explicit dependencies among them, the Java platform does not offer
>+sufficient support for modularity. This lack of support complicates not
>+only Java application development, but also subsequent deployment and
>+administration. Many of the complications result from the fact that
>+every project that requires some form of modularity ends up inventing
>+their own ClassLoader-based approach for solving their needs. This
>+phenomenon is evident in application servers, integrated development
>+environments, and any component- or plugin-oriented systems. The OSGi
>+framework defined by the OSGi Alliance has a long history of addressing
>+these types of issues and the imminent release of version R4 of the OSGi
>+specification is set to move the OSGi framework even further along
>+this path.
>+The recent adoption of OSGi technology as the modularity layer of the
>+Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) underscores the inroads that OSGi
>+technology has made. Further, the announcement of JSR 277 verifies that
>+demand for modularity in Java has reached a critical point.
>+This project can serve the greater Java open source community by
>+providing immediate modularity support for Java applications today
>+through the OSGi framework, creating a unifying community around open
>+source OSGi technology, and tracking and participating in the progression
>+of JSR 277.
>+We propose the creation of a new Apache project, Oscar, that will achieve
>+the following goals :
>+1) create a compliant, independent implementation of the OSGi R4 core
>+   framework with framework-dependent services under the Apache License,
>+   Version 2.0.
>+2) unify resources from the OSGi community to implement, document, maintain,
>+   and support standard OSGi R4 services.
>+3) provide a focal point for the OSGi community to develop interfaces, APIs,
>+   and other common needs not fully specified by the OSGi R4 specification,
>+   such as store interfaces, aspects of the runtime container's packaging
>+   and configuration, and the design and behavior of bundle repositories.
>+4) provide a focal point for the open-source OSGi community to develop next
>+   generation enhancements to the core framework and act as a conduit for
>+   the open-source community to the OSGi Alliance.
>+5) evangelize the OSGi Service Platform within Apache and provide documentation
>+   and support for successful container migrations.
>+Starting Participants
>+We propose that the following people are considered the starting participants.
>+We hope to start with a diverse cross-section of the community and preserve
>+this as we grow. The information in parenthesis indicates other community
>+participation or relevant experiences of that individual.
>+These individuals have expressed an interest in participating in the
>+architecture and design work and in participating as committers for the
>+Apache-licensed implementation :
>+   Richard Hall (OSGi Alliance (Invited Researcher) and Founder of the Oscar project)
>+   Alex Karasulu (Apache)
>+   Enrique Rodriguez (Apache)
>+   Trustin Lee (Apache)
>+These individuals will participate as Incubator Mentors :
>+   Alex Karasulu (Apache)
>+The following Apache Members will be the sponsoring members :
>+   Alex Karasulu (Apache)
>+   Noel Bergman (Apache)
>+   Carsten Ziegeler (Apache)
>+   Berin Loritsch (Apache)
>+   Sylvain Wallez (Apache)
>+   Bertrand Delacretaz (Apache)
>+   Upayavira (Apache)
>+The following community members support this effort :
>+   Daniel Fagerstrom (Apache)
>+   Niclas Hedhman (Apache)
>+   Reinhard Poetz (Apache)
>+   Stefano Mazzocchi (Apache)
>+   Andreas Oberhack (Apache)
>+   Timothy Bennett (Apache and Metro Government of Nashville/Davidson County)
>+   Peter Kriens (OSGi Alliance (Director of Technology) and Managing Director, aQute)
>+   Humberto Cervantes (Service Binder author and Professor/Researcher, UAM Iztapalapa)
>+   Marcel Offermans (+2 others, Luminis)
>+   Rob Walker (Ascert)
>+   Gerald Friedland (Researcher, Freie Universität Berlin, E-Chalk Project)
>+   Juan Alonso (Independent)
>+   Stéphane Frénot (Associate Professor, INSA-Lyon/INRIA)
>+   Frédéric Le Mouël (Associate Professor, INSA-Lyon/INRIA)
>+   Emil Ivov (PhD Candidate, Louis Pasteur University, Strasboug, France)
>+   Tom Enderes (CTO, Gatewide LLC)
>+   Eric Swindell (Software Craftsman, Caribbean Blue)
>+   Jesus Bermejo (Independent)
>+   David Ence (Lockheed Martin)
>+   Ed Anuff (DriveFire)
>+   Rick Litton (Kyocera)
>+   Peter Neubauer (OPS4J)
>+   Francesco Furfari (Domoware, Domotics Lab, ISTI-CNR)
>+   Stefano Lenzi (Domoware, Domotics Lab, ISTI-CNR)
>+   Matteo Demuru (Domoware, Domotics Lab, ISTI-CNR)
>+   Karl Pauls (Raccoon/Eureka/Sopa, Researcher (DFG), Fu-Berlin)
>+   Heejune Ahn (Independent)
>+   Yalcin Akdogan (Zeroadmin Software)
>+   Juan C. Dueñas (ITEA/Eureka researcher and Associate Professor, DIT-UPM)
>+   José L. Ruiz (PhD Candidate, DIT-UPM)
>+   Manuel Santillan (PhD Candidate, DIT-UPM)
>+   David Leangen (Bioscene Informatics, Japan)
>+   Miles Sabin (Technical Director, Codefarm Software Ltd.)
>+   Roger Ni (ASPire Technologies)
>+Operating Considerations
>+We have established a list for discussions. Unless your comment is directed
>+to the general Incubator community or the Incubator PMC, please post
>+everything to :
>+     oscar-dev@incubator.apache.org
>+You can subscribe by sending an email to
>+     oscar-dev-subscribe@incubator.apache.org
>+Until this proposal has been accepted by the Apache Incubator PMC, these lists
>+are provisional.
>+Alex Karasulu                                  +1-904-982-6992

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