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From dav...@apache.org
Subject svn commit: r1603149 - /felix/site/trunk/content/documentation/development/release-management-nexus.mdtext
Date Tue, 17 Jun 2014 12:22:01 GMT
Author: davidb
Date: Tue Jun 17 12:22:00 2014
New Revision: 1603149

URL: http://svn.apache.org/r1603149
Clarify the publish snapshot step in the release process.


Modified: felix/site/trunk/content/documentation/development/release-management-nexus.mdtext
URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc/felix/site/trunk/content/documentation/development/release-management-nexus.mdtext?rev=1603149&r1=1603148&r2=1603149&view=diff
--- felix/site/trunk/content/documentation/development/release-management-nexus.mdtext (original)
+++ felix/site/trunk/content/documentation/development/release-management-nexus.mdtext Tue
Jun 17 12:22:00 2014
@@ -70,11 +70,12 @@ First prepare your POMs for release:
 1. Make sure you have correct NOTICE, [DEPENDENCIES]({{ refs.dependencies-file-template.path
}}), and LICENSE files. Remember to update the copyright year.
 1. Make sure you have an updated change log file, typically in `doc/changelog.txt` but in
the project root is also acceptable.
-1. make sure there are no snapshots in the POMs to be released
-1. check that your POMs will not lose content when they are rewritten during the release
+1. Make sure there are no snapshots in the POMs to be released
+1. Check that your POMs will not lose content when they are rewritten during the release
     * `mvn release:prepare -DdryRun=true`
     * diff the original `pom.xml` with the one called `pom.xml.tag` to see if the license
or any other info has been removed. This has been known to happen if the starting `<project>`
tag is not on a single line. The only things that should be different between these files
are the `<version>` and `<scm>` elements. If there are any other changes, you
must fix the original `pom.xml` file and commit before proceeding with the release
-1. publish a snapshot
+1. Publish a snapshot. This is useful for existing builds that still depend on a snapshot
version of this artifact. It means that the snapshot they will be getting is effectively the
same as
+the released version.
     <div class="codehilite"><code>$ mvn deploy   
     [INFO] [deploy:deploy]  
@@ -83,17 +84,17 @@ First prepare your POMs for release:
     * if you experience an error during deployment like a HTTP 401 check your settings for
the required server entries as outlined in the *Prerequisites*
     * be sure that the generated artifacts respect the Apache release [rules](http://www.apache.org/dev/release.html):
NOTICE and LICENSE files should be present in the META-INF directory within the jar. For -sources
artifacts, be sure that your POM does not use the maven-source-plugin:2.0.3 which is broken.
The recommended version at this time is 2.0.4
     * you should verify the deployment under the [snapshot](https://repository.apache.org/content/groups/snapshots/org/apache/felix)
repository on Apache
-1. prepare the release
+1. Prepare the release
     <div class="codehilite"><code>$ mvn release:clean    
     $ mvn release:prepare</code></div>
     * preparing the release will create the new tag in SVN, automatically checking in on
your behalf
-1. stage the release for a vote
+1. Stage the release for a vote
     <div class="codehilite"><code>$ mvn release:perform</code></div>
     * the release will automatically be inserted into a temporary staging repository for
you, see the Nexus [staging documentation](http://www.sonatype.com/books/nexus-book/reference/staging.html)
for full details
     * you can continue to use `mvn release:prepare` and `mvn release:perform` on other sub-projects
as necessary on the same machine and they will be combined in the same staging repository
- this is useful when making a release of the Felix framework and its associated bundles.
-1. close the staging repository
+1. Close the staging repository
     * login to [https://repository.apache.org](https://repository.apache.org) using your
Apache SVN credentials. Click on *Staging* on the left. Then click on *org.apache.felix* in
the list of repositories. In the panel below you should see an open repository that is linked
to your username and IP. Right click on this repository and select *Close*. This will close
the repository from future deployments and make it available for others to view. If you are
staging multiple releases together, skip this step until you have staged everything
-1. verify the staged artifacts
+1. Verify the staged artifacts
     * if you click on your repository, a tree view will appear below. You can then browse
the contents to ensure the artifacts are as you expect them. Pay particular attention to the
existence of \*.asc (signature) files. If you don't like the content of the repository, right
click your repository and choose *Drop*. You can then rollback your release (see *Canceling
the Release*) and repeat the process
     * note the staging repository URL (especially the number at the end of the URL) you will
need this in your vote email

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