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From akaras...@apache.org
Subject svn commit: r432261 - /incubator/felix/sandbox/akarasulu/itest/README.txt
Date Thu, 17 Aug 2006 15:17:34 GMT
Author: akarasulu
Date: Thu Aug 17 08:17:33 2006
New Revision: 432261

URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc?rev=432261&view=rev
adding a little readme for info about this test


Added: incubator/felix/sandbox/akarasulu/itest/README.txt
URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc/incubator/felix/sandbox/akarasulu/itest/README.txt?rev=432261&view=auto
--- incubator/felix/sandbox/akarasulu/itest/README.txt (added)
+++ incubator/felix/sandbox/akarasulu/itest/README.txt Thu Aug 17 08:17:33 2006
@@ -0,0 +1,58 @@
+This is a little experiment to see if we can run integration tests (in situ)
+within Felix as part of the maven build.  I can happily say that this is easy
+to do and has been achieved.  All that remains is mainstream integration into
+the existing maven-osgi-plugin.
+(1) What does this project contain?
+It contains a maven plugin with a single mojo in it.  This plugin mojo is bound
+to the integration-test lifecycle phase of Maven.  It runs Felix on the 
+currently building module's artifact presuming it is a bundle.  All dependent
+bundles are resolved and included in the autostart list of Felix.
+This project also contains a rip of the dictionaryservice example in the
+simple-service project.  It's used to as the bundle to test.  It contains a
+service and a default implementation of the english dictionary in it.
+The other project, simple-test, is the actual integration test bundle.  It has
+a simple Activator which is the dictionary client.  It will test that the 
+dictionary service is working properly.
+(2) Why not add this mojo to the maven-osgi-plugin?
+We should be able to do this.  There may be some issues if the exclusions of one
+plugin conflict with the same feild in the other.  But we can change this if
+the need arises.  The only thing users have to know how to do is how to make the
+mojo execute on the new integration-test phase.
+(3) What does the integration testing mechanism look like using this new Felix
+    runner mojo?
+Developers will build their bundles as they normally do with unit tests etc.  
+When they are ready to integration test their bundle a new Maven module is 
+created for a test bundle.  This test bundle will contain an Activator which 
+will lookup the tested services and perform operations on them with checks to
+assert that these interfaces are behaving correctly.
+So in the end the runner mojo can be used to start and run a bundle in general
+and not just for integration testing.
+(4) What's in the future?
+ o We need to integrate this mojo into the existing maven-osgi-plugin.  
+ o Write some example projects in the examples directory showing how to use
+   this facility of the plugin.
+ o Write some documentation on all this.
+ o Brush off and improve the osgi archetype to utilize a profile for launching
+   integration tests with the -Dintegration property switch.  This can be added
+   when a -Dintegration is provided on the command line when creating the 
+   project with the archetype.  If this is not possible we can create two 
+   archetypes.  One for a regular bundle and one for an integration testing
+   bundle.  The integration test bundle should have an execution for the mojo
+   in the pom.

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