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From Ying Zheng <yzh...@hortonworks.com>
Subject Re: Apache Falcon 0.10 release - Cutting 0.10 branch on 16th May, 2016
Date Fri, 13 May 2016 23:55:14 GMT
Balu: Could you add this to 0.10 release scope: Support credential
provider alias for passwords used in Falcon server? Thank you.

On 5/13/16, 4:42 PM, "Venkat Ranganathan" <vranganathan@hortonworks.com>

>Thanks Balu.   Sounds good.   Can I make one more request - Can we please
>create a separate branch for new UI changes that have to do for some of
>the new features - we do see the need to refactor and this means the two
>will have impact on regression suites etc.
>That way we can have the UI features reviewed before getting into master
>On 5/13/16, 4:30 PM, "Balu Vellanki Bala" <bvellanki@hortonworks.com>
>>Hello Falcon dev team,
>>Here is the scope for Falcon 0.10 release as it stands today.
>>  1.  Falcon server-side extensions
>>  2.  HDFS snapshot based mirroring extension
>>  3.  Falcon server safemode
>>  4.  Hive table ingestion and export via Sqoop
>>  5.  Instance search
>>  6.  Add Hbase support for GraphDB backend
>>  7.  Support for TDE encrypted dirs in Falcon mirroring extensions
>>  8.  Spark integration (initial work)
>>  9.  Integrate Falcon with Microsoft Azure Data Factory
>>  10. Cluster entity update
>>Let me know if there are any scope misses, creeps or concerns. Once the
>>brach is cut, all bug fixes should go into both 0.10 branch and trunk.
>>All new features should strictly go into trunk.
>>Thank you
>>Balu Vellanki

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