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From Margus Roo <mar...@roo.ee>
Subject Hive table partition and process feed
Date Mon, 15 Feb 2016 07:39:58 GMT

Maybe it is a dumb question but in case I have table with partition in 
example date_feed and flume puts data in to the right directories.
Now I have feed_1 hive table (partition=date_feed) -> process -> feed_2 
hive table.
First I'd like that process creates partition like: ALTER TABLE 
tablename ADD PARTITION (date_feed="current date") LOCATION (right 
location in HDFS)
Is is possible? I am a little confused. Does process starts if there is 
no partition exists is hive table already?

Margus (margusja) Roo
skype: margusja
+372 51 48 780

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