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From "John E. Collins" <jcoll...@cs.umn.edu>
Subject Access to top-level configuration tree in Excalibur?
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2008 22:40:18 GMT
I have an application that builds an arbitrarily complex dependency 
graph among small analysis modules at runtime, using a a Configuration 
derived from the XML configuration file. Most of the modules are not 
Excalibur components, but are managed by a component, so all but the 
leaves of the graph are accessible through that component's 
Configuration. But there are other components, the leaves of the graph, 
that are separate Excalibur components, and whose dependencies are 
expressed in their individual Configuration trees. We want to make the 
configuration visible and modifiable at runtime, which requires access 
to the top-level configuration tree. I can get the configuration tree 
for the individual components, but I cannot see how to get the top-level 
tree. Is there such a thing? Is it available in any useful way?

Any suggestions would be welcome.

John Collins
University of Minnesota

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